Specialty Tree Services in Delaware County

Discover Pelltree’s exceptional specialty tree services in Delaware County. Our team, equipped with extensive knowledge of Delaware County’s unique tree species and climate conditions, offers a range of specialized services. From advanced root aeration to precision stump removal, we’re here to enhance the health and beauty of your trees.

Delaware County’s Premier Stump Removal Service

In Delaware County, stump removal is more than just clearing space; it’s about maintaining the health and safety of your landscape. Our team uses eco-friendly and efficient techniques to remove stumps, ensuring a clean and safe environment for your outdoor spaces.

Enhancing Tree Vitality with Root Aeration in Delaware County

Root aeration is crucial in Delaware County’s diverse landscapes. Our aeration services improve soil structure, allowing better water and nutrient absorption, crucial for the thriving of your trees.

Secure Your Trees with Cabling in Delaware County

Our tree cabling service in Delaware County is designed to protect and support your trees against the region’s dynamic weather. We use advanced cabling systems to stabilize trees, enhancing their structural integrity and longevity.

Revolutionary False Bark Application in Delaware County

At Pell Tree, we’re excited to offer false bark application as part of our tree care services in Delaware County. This cutting-edge technique involves applying a synthetic layer that simulates natural bark, providing an extra layer of protection and aiding in the tree’s recovery and health.

Delaware County’s Choice for Root Pruning

Root pruning in Delaware County is essential for maintaining the balance between urban development and natural growth. Our services ensure that your trees’ roots are healthy and non-intrusive, while also preserving the tree’s overall health.

Expert Tree Health Care in Delaware County

Our comprehensive tree health care services in Delaware County focus on preventive maintenance and the treatment of diseases. We offer customized care plans, including soil treatment and pest management, tailored to the needs of your trees.


We started as a tree care company and consider it our specialty. We have grown our services from simple pruning and trimming to total removals or Plant Health Care treatments for diseases or pests.

Pest Management

We look for specific pests that can lead to the ultimate death of the tree and administer proactive solutions.


One of the many options for injured/split limbs without having to resort straight to removal.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding after a tree removal allows us to flatten the ground for aesthetic and practical purposes.

Plant Health Care

PHC is not only for plants! Trees can also need TLC and can take advantage of this service.


Pest infestation? Tree removal needed? Stumps need grinding? Fill out the form and we will help schedule an appointment for a free quote.