The leaves have all been raked up and it’s cold outside. It seems like your work maintaining your trees should be done as winter settles in, BUT it’s actually an ideal time for winter tree maintenance in our landscapes. With the leaves off the trees, it’s easier to see the interior tree canopy and its branching structure.  As a result, climbing arborists can see better where to prune and how much.  Plus, cold temperatures also mean less worry about pest and disease issues associated with pruning cuts (e.g. oak wilt).

Here are six reasons why winter tree maintenance is something worth considering :

  • Most pests are inactive during the colder months. As a result, infection or infestation at fresh pruning sites will be less likely;
  • Trees are dormant for winter tree maintenance, so there will be fewer undesirable physiological reactions from pruning;
  • It is easier to observe and prune dead/defective limbs without the confusion of dense summer foliage;
  • Trees get an earlier start on “healing” pruning wounds during spring, which reduces the odds of subsequent infection;
  • While pests and diseases are dormant, there is a much less chance of infecting neighboring branches and trees through airborne dust created during chipping and cutting;
  • And finally, Pell Tree Company offers significant savings on all our award-winning services during the winter months!

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