Tree Care & Arborcare Services You Can Trust

Individual trees and properties are as unique as the people who own them. Therefore, each tree and situation is carefully inspected and accounted for prior to providing you with a calculated proposal for needed services. Additionally, we develop highly customized plans and conduct safety briefs prior to beginning any project so you can rest assured your home and property are well cared-for.

Silver maple with decay at base

Tree Removals

Like any plant, trees have a useful lifespan. How long a tree lives depends on many factors; and we can help extend and preserve the life of yours trees or assist in safe removal when a tree becomes unwanted or hazardous to your property for a variety of reasons. We can safely remove trees in almost any property or situation.

Stump Grinding

We can remove stumps of nearly any size and remove site debris so that your property is left level and ready for planting or other use. We offer stump grinding for trees we remove or for existing stumps from prior tree removals or trees that have fallen from natural causes.
Paperbark maple

Tree Inspection

Our service begins the moment we step onto your property. In addition to tree issues, our arborists are trained to be observant of your individual property’s features and dynamics that affect how we perform our services. Safety is the key to both our award-winning service and our family’s careers.
hazardous tree

Damage & Emergency Response

When a tree is damaged by a storm, we respond quickly to evaluate hazards and protect your property and landscape. We help provide solutions for removal of limbs and debris as well as solutions, if possible, to save damaged trees and landscapes.

Trimming & Pruning

Trees need to be trimmed for various reasons: the overall health of the tree, beauty, growth regulation, winterization to prevent storm damage and more. Our arborists never scalp or chop - we scientifically trim and prune for health and proper care.
Maple eriophyid mites

Tree Health Care

We offer reactive and proactive plant care with a wholistic approach. We can inspect and offer solutions for infestation, disease, damage and growth. We also offer an all-natural line of materials that are safe for people, pets and the environment.

Tree & Plant Installations

We offer new planting and pre-planting consultative services to help create beautiful, sustainable environments.

Growth Regulators

Control the growth of your trees and shrubs. Growth regulators foster long, lush, healthy plant life that won't eventually dwarf your property and landscape.

Tree Fertilization

We offer scientific fertilization blends based on your soil and environmental conditions to create ideal plant-specific growth promotion.

Tree Service Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do emergency service?
Yes. We prioritize all work so that if you have a tree that is a hazard to your property or personal safety you receive immediate care and help.
The tree is close to my house. Is that Okay?
We take care to find the best solution to safely remove the tree without damage to your home. There are many different ways we handle these situations. Please call us for a free estimate and the estimator will inspect your unique situation and recommend a safe removal method.
The tree is near power lines. How do you handle that?
Every safety hazard has a solution. We’ve never seen a problem we couldn’t safely solve. We deal with power lines and utility safety all the time. We’ll assess the situation and give you our recommendations for a safe solution so that you can be comfortable with the process before we start the work.
Is this tree safe? Will it fall down?
Every situation is different. We take care in giving accurate consultation about the safety of your property. We love trees. We don’t remove trees unless needed.
Do you handle the debris removal also?
When we provide a quote for removal or pruning trees, the resulting debris such as limb and log removal is included. For stump removal, we offer a separate quote.
After Stump Removal, will my lawn be flat?
Yes. We take great care in restoring a natural grade to your lawn so that you can mow and care for your property without lumps, bumps and low areas that pool with water.
Do I Really Need to Prune Trees?
There are many reasons to prune including: Remove damaged limbs that may become a future hazard To beautify your trees and property; to prolong the life of your tree; to foster proper growth; to fight off infestation and disease
WHEN do I need to Prune My Trees?
That answer isn’t as simple as “summer” or “winter.” It depends on a lot of factors including the type of tree or plant as well as the pruning objective. Call for an evaluation and recommendations.