Plant Care from the Company that Cares

In addition to the comprehensive Tree Services that Pell’s is known for, our certified arborists and plant health care experts offer a wealth of knowledge and care for your plants and shrubs with the same individualized approach and respect for your property and the environment that makes Pell’s the region’s most trusted name in plant care.

Shrub & Ornamental Pruning

Seasonal and specialty pruning for ornamentals & shrubs. Hand-pruning for a more natural look. Our arborists never scalp or chop - we scientifically trim and prune for health and proper care.

Tree & Plant Installations

We offer new planting and pre-planting consultative services to help create beautiful, sustainable environments.

Plant Health Care

We offer reactive and proactive plant care with a wholistic approach. We can inspect and offer solutions for infestation, disease, damage and growth. We also offer an all-natural line of materials that are safe for people, pets and the environment.

Deer Repellant

Our organic products will repel deer without causing harm to your plants or pets. We apply repellant seasonally as needed for optimal results.

Anti Dessicants

Protect shrubs and broadleaf evergreens from winter dessication. Our anti-dessicants protect plants and help them retain moisture in the leaf/needle for up to 4 months in the winter.

Herbicide Application

We can hlep keep your gardens, flower beds, driveways and hardscapes weed-free with herbicide and pre-emergent applications.