Winter is Here…Are you prepared?

Anti-Desiccant Treatment: $200

What is Anti-Dessicant?

In your landscape plants, winter desiccation occurs when plants lose moisture from the leaves and do not have the ability to absorb water from the frozen soil. This can lead to leaves and stems drying out, resulting in discoloration, and even to the death of stems and branches.

An anti-desiccant, also called “anti-transparent,” is a liquid spray. It is sprayed onto the foliage until it is completely covered and there is slight runoff. It takes around two to four hours to completely dry. Once dry, it adheres to the target area and is in place to protect your plants from winter winds.

TL;DR If you are concerned about your plants and yard and want to ensure they survive the winter, we spray them to help them keep their foliage!

What types of trees qualify?

Not all trees and plants are sprayed for desiccant. Usually, evergreen ornamental trees and shrubs are treated as they keep their leaves in winter.

If you have one of the four trees below, then you can definitely take advantage of this deal. These four are not the only trees and shrubs but are the most commonly treated. Give us a call anyway if you are unsure, and our certified arborist will be happy to help you determine if your yard could use the treatment.


Blue Spruce



I hear you saying to yourself, “Let me guess, you only treat one tree for $200?”

We treat ALL the trees on your property. Yes, you read that correctly. ALL trees. If you book an appointment and you think you have a Blue Spruce that needs treatment, but our arborist also spots another tree in your yard, he will treat both AT NO EXTRA COST.

The only caveat is that the trees must be under 30ft. Due to the limitations of our equipment and safety, we cannot treat trees taller than 30 feet without heavy equipment and bucket trucks.