Getting Rid of Spotted Lanternfly Infestations

Spotted Lanternfly infestations

One of the most problematic insect infestations of recent years is that of the spotted lanternfly. Getting rid of spotted lanternfly infestations has proven difficult to nearly impossible for many homeowners. Lanternfly are so invasive they can often cover trees and shrubs almost completely. Many homeowners spend countless hours and dollars to no avail in attempts to stop the proliferation of these pests.

The good news is that there are proven treatments that successfully reduce and even eliminate spotted lanternfly infestations. However, before you decide to become a weekend-warrior spotted lanternfly exterminator, you may want to consider leaving treatment to professionals as suggested by sources like PennState Extension (click here for full article text about the importance of professional intervention). Treatment of these serious infestations is a scientific process that requires the right tools, timing and methodologies. The above article reports that many homeowners are not aware of restrictions imposed by townships and municipalities on treatment and also can have ineffective results because of either ineffective treatments or implementation at the wrong time of the season or a proper treatment at the improper stage in the lanternfly’s lifecycle.

Whether you’ve tried unsuccessfully to treat spotted lanternflies that have invaded your property or whether you’ve just started your research, we invite you to call Pell Tree for a free consultation with one of our arborists. Our arborcare experts are trained in the prevention and treatment of spotted lanternfly infestations using proven methodologies that involve treating the spotted lanternfly at all stages of life from egg to pupae to nymph to adult as well as treatments to protect your trees and shrubs, and, if necessary, remove the trees and plants that are particular draws for spotted lanternflies.

If you are ready to start getting rid of spotted lanternfly infestations, are tired of seeing lanternflies all over your trees and shrubs or simply want more information about controlling populations and infestations of the spotted lanternfly, call Pell Tree today.

Ask for our Plant Health Care Coordinator for more information and treatment options for Spotted Lanternfly infestation


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