Did you Know, Winter is One of the Best Times…

Winter is one of the best times for tree maintenance.

Here are six reasons why:

  • Most pests are inactive during the colder months. As a result, infection or infestation of fresh pruning wounds will be less likely;
  • While trees are dormant, there is less chance of undesirable physiological reactions from pruning;
  • It is easier to observe and prune dead/defective limbs without the concealment of dense summer foliage;
  • Trees get an earlier start on “healing” pruning wounds during the spring, which reduces the odds of subsequent infection;
  • While pests and diseases are dormant, there is a much less chance of infecting neighboring branches and trees through airborne dust created during chipping and cutting;
  • And finally, we offer significant savings on all our award-winning services during the winter months!